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If you have had a crown before, you know how hectic the process can be. You start with your initial visit, get your impression made, have a temporary crown put in, and then have the finished product put on! There is finally a solution and Brockie Dental offers it - CEREC crowns.

Choose treatment from a member of the Crown Council.

There are plenty of benefits.

Thanks to this technology, the entire process is done digitally, from the bite pattern to the mold. The digital impression allows for a more accurate representation of the area. The crown is constructed out of a long-lasting and sturdy material.

Crowns built to last

• Avoid damaging teeth between appointments

• Avoid multiple appointments

• Digital process

• Reliable material

• Trusted method

All the convenience of CEREC

Not only are you being treated to the convenience of same-day crowns, but you get the guided expertise of Dr. Zahm to put in your crown. The entire process is quick and easy.

Quick and easy crowns, like you've never experienced before

The wait is over for your crown