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Did you know your dentist can help you with sleep apnea? Dr. Zahm can at Brockie Dental. Dr. Zahm is a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. Relief is available, and it doesn't have to be from a machine.

We accept a variety of insurances. Get relief today.

Get some sleep tonight.

We'll make sure your mouthpiece fits your mouth, so there's no concern about comfort. You will still be able to talk and drink while wearing SomnoDent. It's a great way to get a good night's rest and it's all possible through your dentist. Talk to Brockie Dental today!

Quality sleep is possible

• No noisy machines

• No hoses

• Comfortable

• Better sleep

• Reduce obstructions

• Affordable treatment option

How this mouthpiece can benefit you

We offer SomnoDent, a mouthpiece worn while you sleep to position your jaw forward. This helps to tighten soft tissues and muscles of the upper airway to help prevent or reduce obstructions.

What does SomnoDent do exactly?

Breathe easy at night

Sleeping family